Stunning Stair Ideas For 2020

We’ll never not be enthralled by amazing sets of stairs. In our daily journey around the web, gathering interesting images and curating compelling content, we run across all manner of lines, curves, and design aesthetics, but regardless of the style, a great stack of stairs just does it for us every time.

Maybe it’s the never-ending symmetry, or maybe it’s the fact that some sort of effort is required to ascend their length, but there’s a sense of continuity from past to present in a great staircase design.

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From the Escher-esque leanings of 3XN Architects’ pseudo-spiral staircase and the grandeur of London City Hall to the modern minimalism of Ecole’s steel stairs and the log cabin feel of Alberto Mozó’s creation, there’s a flight of fancy here for everyone.

White Circle Stairs

10 Amazing Sets of Stairs


Black Concrete Stairs

unique stairs


Metal Spiral Stairway

amazing sets of spiral stairs


Glass and Wood Stairs

modern floating stairs


Home Made Stairs

hanging box stairs


Solid Wood Log Stairs

Modern solid wood stairs
Log Staircase by Alberto Mozó


Longchamp Store Stairs by Heatherwick

Longchamp NYC stairs


Stairs From Lello Bookstore

Lello stairs


Stairs of London City Hall

London City Hall stairs


Steel Stairs by Ecole

floating steel stairs


Longchamp NYC store stair image found at Heatherwick Studio.