The Syros bedroom suite from Lineas Taller isn’t about math; it’s about beauty in form.  The simplicity and precision with which the designer joined each line is a thing to marvel at day after day.  In a busy world lived at a hectic pace, the crisp order of the Syros is a welcoming and peaceful presence.  As your private getaway at the end of each day, your bedroom should reflect a serenity and beauty that comes from its design, and the Syros bedroom suite is the perfect collection to embody calming and soothing influences.


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Syros Bedroom Suite by Lineas Taller

Luxury bed


A solid, low profile wood frame bed sets off the collection, an otherwise subtle piece except for the tall, upholstered headboard with a thick frame.  The symmetry of the bed, right down to the neat rows of tufted buttons, anchors the calming and grounded presence of the Syros bedroom suite by Lineas Taller.  Two sizes of bedside chest are each based on an outer cube that supports the drawers within.  Smooth, square hardware offers consistency and unity, hallmarks of the entire suite.

headboard design ideas


Within the framework of the Syros’ careful lines and precise angles, you can choose colors that are equally soothing, from warm neutrals to crisp white, for a bedroom that invites you to relax and unwind.  Elements of the bed are contained within all the other pieces to compliment the flow of the room: the thick frame on the full-length floor mirror or the wood “frame” around the dresser and substantial hardware, for example.  Can you feel the serenity of the Syros bedroom collection?