Even those of us with luxurious bathtubs rarely ever use them, right?  When we’re building or buying a home — or even apartment hunting, for that matter — there’s just something so alluring about a great garden tub, but when push comes to shove, we’re all about our 15-minutes showers, getting in, getting out, and getting on with our lives.  But when it comes to the ultimate in form and function where bathtime is concerned, we’ve yet to see anything as spectacular as the futuristic sunken tub dreamed up by the folks at HeyTeam in Italy.  The concept tub is designed in such a way that a duo of elevation systems provides easy access to those getting into and out of the vessel, and sinks down into a concave space beneath the floor while inhabitants are at rest inside it.  Built for several people in much the same way a hot tub is, the “Shore” tub uses an intelligent offset system to elevate (pun intended) the bath experience into just that: an experience.  Perfect for people with mobility issues, we’re hopeful this concept will see its way through to completion.  Its implementation in hospitals, physical rehabilitiation centers and such would likely be very popular.  So, here’s hoping we’ll all be able to take a dip in such a tub; we have a feeling this one wouldn’t be overlooked like its smaller, less tech-savvy predecessors.

HeyTeam's Futuristic Sunken Tub

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moving tub


elevated tub

Photo credits: HeyTeam