Sometimes doing away with superfluous design elements and opting for simplicity is the way to go and all the works churned out by Kalon Studios adhere to this design principle. All their creations seem to emit a rare expressive minimalism that is not stark which maybe because their material of choice i.e. wood. Take for instance the Isometric Chair which is made of bamboo and has been manufactured by techniques like digital fabrication. The chair works as a stand-alone piece or as a full dining set with the Isometric Table and according to Kalon the chair is made with water-based glues and 100% all-natural, non-toxic and sustainable materials. Retailing for $380.00 a piece, the Isometric Chair can also be engraved with any of the available three optional etchings.

Says Kalon Studios:
“The Isometric Chair is a modern chair stripped down to its essential elements. Every detail of this minimal chair is determined by its construction, the strength of bamboo and the precision of digital fabrication. Elegant and comfortable, the chair’s delicate form contradicts its strength and durability. “

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