Looking to replace your old kitchen with a modern one? Take a look at the Trim Kitchen from Dada. It increases usable space in your kitchen and delivers specific functions to your operating area. Its functional core is its accessorized back panels made from extruded aluminum. The kitchen has a counterbalanced door made in Stopsol or etched glass and a vertical sliding system in anodized aluminum for a gorgeous and streamlined aesthetic to your modern kitchen.


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Trim Kitchen by Dada

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The Trim kitchen from Dada was designed in the year 2007 by famed designer Dante Bonuccelli. The design has a fresh, rational, and adaptable approach to kitchens. The key element of the unit is space as it is designed to match the rate of our daily lives. It helps keep your home organized and offers the perfect mix of functionality and technology. The unit presents more than just cabinets, wall units, and drawers. It has accessorized back panels which occupy the space between the worktop and wall units. They can be accessed through a sliding and disappearing mechanism that has been created and patented by Dada. The mechanism allows you to easily lower the glass panel for maintenance or thorough cleaning.


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Electrical outlets and LED lighting give the back panels enhanced functionality. Trim’s technological features also include base unit doors with a unique handle system that moves away from the top and wall units with electrified doors. This trendy furniture lights up your work surfaces and hides any electrical plugs. It creates a neat and organized space you will simply love. What’s your favorite component in the Trim Kitchen?