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Elena Manferdini is the brains behind the stunning Tracery Table. Her inspiration came from natural structures and biology. The piece is manufactured by Driade and is as practical as it is fashionable. It has a completely new form and resembles a cloud, flower, or puddle of water. It is exquisite in its looks and comes in two lovely shades. It is available in white and black and works well with any setting.

The Tracery Table from Driade is comprised of fine elegant curves. It is fluid in its structure and embodies refined and modern furniture pieces. It opens a new world of possibilities in the contemporary design world. The table is made of painted cast aluminum and is extremely durable. It has curvy legs that gradually expand towards the base. The interesting shape of its legs and top makes it more than just a functional piece in your home. Tracery is a perfect conversation piece that will captivate your visitors and make them long to own it.

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A small table may not take a lot of space in your home, but it has the ability to define the space. The right piece can show off your living room’s best attributes and enhance the area’s beauty. When only a striking piece will do, get the Tracery Table from Driade. You will love its style, versatility, and functionality. Who knows, you might even decide to get more than one piece for your home. Wouldn’t the Tracery Table look exquisite in your interiors?

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