Steam Column tx202 w by Tylö

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Looking to turn your ordinary showers into spa-like experiences? Get the Steam Column tx202 w by Tylö. It has both steam and shower options and can transform a bathroom into a functional steam room.  It comes with a plastic dome, a door, and glazed sections. Thia is totally unobtrusive, stylishly modern, and super sleek. It looks beautiful on its own or complemented by other bathroom décor pieces.


The Stylish Steam Column tx202 w by Tylö

remote controlled shower column-by-tylo


Steam Column tx202 w by Tylö is a dream come true for modern homeowners. It is perfect for relaxing, unwinding, and cleansing the body and mind. It is fully customizable to your space and will adapt easily to your lifestyle. It comes with a showerhead, a steam nozzle, and a hand shower which offer different bathing options. The showerhead can be fixed at different heights and adjusted sideways. Steam Column tx202 w has shelves for your essential bathroom necessities. It features Tylö’s brand-new h1 touch control panel which is very easy to operate.


contemporary steam shower column


The elegant design of Steam Column tx202 w is a welcome change from regular shower column designs. The unit will take your shower experiences to a whole new level. It will give your bathroom a beautiful facelift and enhance its functionality. You will love it because it is modern, sleek, and minimalist. Steam Column gives you an opportunity to introduce modern architectural design to your shower. It is all you need to start your day perfectly every day.

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