The Serpent by Bashko Trybek is an interesting modular shelving system that will let you adapt your shelves to your storing needs. The Serpent shelving idea is a modular concept that’s meant to fit both your needs and the actual space you intend to place the shelves in, whether it’s at home or at your modern office. How does it all work? Well, the more stuff you’ll need to store, the bigger the shelves you’ll be able to choose and modify your Serpent setup in the process. All you need to do is get new shelves and rearrange the wires and you’ll be good to go until they become too small again.

Serpent by Bashko Trybek Is a Modular Shelving System

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Serpent by Bashko Trybek - Modular Furniture

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Serpent by Bashko Trybek