Hockney Abstract Contemporary Sofa Sectional 1
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Hockney is a contemporary sofa sectional with abstract shapes combined with normal shapes. The overall piece looks a bit abstract. Individual parts of the sectional, such as the rounded area, are much more commonplace in furniture design. The compilation of the Hockney sofa is likely attributed to the famous artist. David Hockney could paint from abstract to very detailed portraiture as he was a master at his trade. As far as comfort goes, there is ample room for lounging. The low back height could be a challenge for taller people and would need to be tested by the individual for comfort. The sofa was designed by Rodolfo Dordoni. Measurements: 88″ w x 24″ h x 142″ d. Price: $9,857.

Hockney Abstract Contemporary Sofa Sectional