You can roast as many chestnuts as you’d like over the open fires provided by today’s roundup of modern fire pits.  From the traditional copper bowl to a slightly more creative approach (take a glance at the John T. Unger collection referenced here with a photo of his “Great Bowl of Fire” for a glimpse at what we mean), these free-standing fireplaces offer an opportunity for outdoor warmth even in the midst of bitter winter temperatures.  The range of options on the market runs all the way from a quick, installation-free setup to a bona fide home improvement project, but the images presented here are of pieces you can bring home and arrange yourself.  It’s as simple as 1-2-3 (and maybe a couple hundred dollars) to enjoy a cozy moment while you’re walking in the winter wonderland outside your home this season.


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Keep Warm This Winter: 5 Modern Fire Pits

square fire pit

sun moon stars fire pit

compact fire pit


simple cast iron fire pit