Horn iPod Loudspeaker by Shi-Hyung Jeon Is a Mighty Big iPod Dock

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Most of you have probably used at least one iPod version by know and while the device is great for taking plenty of music on the go it can also serve as a home music solution when bundled with an appropriate dock. Today we have a great iPod accessory for you and we don’t refer just to its functionality. The Horn iPod Loudspeaker created by architect Shi-Hyung Jeon is a huge iPod dock and it can easily be considered a piece of furniture of a modern home. But once you get closer to the Horn you realize what its true powers are. The device will impress the audience even more once you push that iPod play button as it will offer you eight 3-inch full range drivers that, combined with its overall design meant to boost your whole music experience, will help you make the most of your favorite songs.

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