Etsy Find: Leentu Lounge Chair 1
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If you are unfamiliar with, let me acquaint you. Etsy is an ebay-like on line selling service, but that is where the similarities end. Etsy is an online market place to buy and sell craft. Real handmade individually produced stuff. The prices are set — not auctions like ebay. The range of what you can buy is dazzling: clothing, jewelry, soap and yes furniture. There are some remarkable furniture finds on Etsy.
There are some things you should know about Etsy. You are buying from real people — not large corporations. Not that corporations are not comprised of real people, but this is more direct. When you make an Etsy purchase, you are putting money directly in the pocket of the person who produced what you buy. A word about quality on Etsy — quality is readily evident based on the feed back system. Shady vendors just don’t last. I find for the most part you are buying items from craftsmen and craftswomen who care about their products. The quality often far exceeds their price on Etsy.
The Leentu Lounge Chair by Lunar Lounge Design is one such bargain. Lunar Lounge produces some pretty fantastic retro modern furniture. The Leentu is a great example of their design. The chair is made of birch plywood with a smooth high gloss finish. The sling style seat is made of woven webbing. The one pictured above has vinyl webbing. The chair has a light airy look. I also like that it can be dissembled for transport or storage — important in smaller space living. And at $495, it’s a steal. Available at: Lunar Lounge Design.

Etsy Midcentury Leentu Lounge Chair