Organized Walk-In Closet in White by Rimadesio

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“Dress” is an organized walk-in closet finished in white from Rimadesio of Italy. White is a great color for a closet at it provides a great backdrop for identifying clothes. Additionally, white reminds us of “new” and “fresh” which is helpful in deciding on what to wear. I do like the storage chests and shelving units on castor wheels. Mobility is a nice feature and gives you options should you choose to move items around at a later time. The number of storage chests and shelves in this design could free up the need for having a dresser in the bedroom. This design uses sliding doors to enter and exit the walk-in closet. I am sure that these could be fitted for just regular doors if that is not your design preference. One of the great challenges is determining the right design for your wardrobe since there are so many combinations of features to choose from.

White Closet

Closet Storage Chests on Wheels

Bedroom Closet

Closet Lighting

Construction Picture

Rimadesio Closet

Sliding Closet

Suit Racks

Walk In Closet

White Closet Shelf

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