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In case you’re looking for some proper furniture to get your console gaming on then you should certainly check out Upwell Design’s Downlow chairs which have been specifically crafted with hardcore gamers in mind. As the name of this particular chair design suggests, the Downlow will bring you down to Earth, literally, for some intense gaming action. In case you love multiplayer gaming sessions with friends then you should consider getting a bunch of Downlow chairs and bind them together thus transforming the Downlow chairs into a comfortable gaming sofa. And just to make things even better you’ll notice that each Downlow chair has its own storage section where you could place all your controllers, remotes, gaming magazines, and whatever else you can get your hands on. What’s not to like?

Upwell Downlow Chairs Bring You Down to Earth for Better Gaming
Downlow Chair 2.jpg


Downlow Chair 3.jpg
Downlow Chair 4.jpg
Downlow Chair 5.jpg

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