The Embody Desk Chair from Herman Hiller

If you are like me you spend way to much time in your desk chair, and more than likely it is not the perfect place to spend a long day working. Fully supportive ergonomic seating is not only vital to long term health and good posture, but you can also tell your boss it can increase productivity too.

The “Embody” desk chair from Herman Miller features a “one chair size fits all” design that adapts to your size, shape, posture and spinal curvature offering full support all of the time.

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The revolutionary design of the Embody office chair allows you to move while your body remains supported in all positions from reclined to leaning forward working on the computer.

Designers Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf managed to follow Herman Miller’s commitment to the environment with 95% recyclable materials, PVC-free construction and Greenguard certification.


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