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The 360 chair is a concept designed by the world renowned designer Konstantin Grcic which is exemplary for its unique structure and super stylish design. It cannot be categorized either as a chair or as a stool because it is the intermediate between the two, which makes it suitable for a variety of uses. It came into the limelight in 2009 and was applauded as a kind of new concept intertwining both the qualities of a chair and tool.

360 Chair by Aram

comfortable office seat


The 360 Chair by Aram concept is a welcomed change from the conventional thinking of how a relaxed sitting chair should feel and look.  An integral feature of this seat is its ability to rotate around. You can use it to sit on it in every direction and move smoothly in any direction as and when needed. These stylish properties enable it to transform into the perfect ergonomic seat.

rotating chair by Aram


It stimulates a type of powerful dynamic sitting and is best suited for those seating activities which need constantly changing postures. 360°has two forms. It is designed both as a seat on castor as well as lofty tool. Both these types are equipped with a gas piston which helps in adjusting the heights. It is built of self-bearing polyurethane and die-cast aluminum which gives it the properties of toughness, durability. It is the ideal sitting design for those individuals whose working style consists of relaxation while having the impression of stimulating movements. Wouldn’t you love to try the 360 chair by Konstantin Grcic in your stylish interiors.