Presenting Manhattan: a Gorgeous Petite Writing Desk from Neptune

Small Home Office Desks

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It is really difficult to find a petite writing desk in any furniture store. The Manhattan from Neptune is just that and much more.  Most products I see are bulky and large, thus requiring their own room in a home to even set up shop in.

The other common look is modular office cubicles which have wonderful function, but lack the appeal of a gorgeous piece of furnishing. On closer inspection, Manhattan gives off such a small footprint which was the intention of the designer.  

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Choosing glass as a surface area is pretty bold and lends itself to a more modern than classic touch.   It’s more than that though, since we can see through the surface it creates more of an open or pass-through feel, thus blending into a room even better. Our eyes are not stopped by a dark stained wood and don’t get to see through to either the wall or the flooring.

Petite Writing Desk Called Manhattan by Neptune

The above picture really shows the flexibility in this model. It can be placed against any wall and provide a surface for writing out bills, notes or holiday cards to friends and family. The wardrobe next to it looks so large in comparison. The Parsons chair sits in front, but it could be almost any type of chair or bench and still work wonderfully.

fitting writing table into a small bedroom

I do like the angle in the above picture as we can better see the detailing on the legs.  At first look one might consider them sawhorses which are used to cut lumber on. There is much more of a story behind the history of the project.

The inspiration comes from the Manhattan skyline. Think about all the skyscrapers and how tall and majestic all the buildings are as they seemingly fight for air space and reach as tall as they can to the sky.

The supports are an interpretation of the buildings and how they are constructed. Think about all the steel that goes into making such a structure safe. This petite writing desk is the result of that interpretation taking in all the history of the Big Apple and how magnificent the skyline is.

Neptune Office Furniture Line

This is another good shot as you can see the size of a laptop and compare that to the dimensions. There is quite a bit of working space, but it would have to be used wisely so as to not clutter it up too much.

One concern on glass desks is that you cannot hide unorganized papers, folders, etc.  If you have a piece like this, you will need to keep it somewhat tidy.

glass desk with bench near sliding door