Eleven Cool Benches for Interior Decorating, Launched in 2017

Cool Benches for Interior Decorating

Here are some cool interior benches, classic, modern or unusual, upholstered or not, launched in 2017. Usually, when thinking at a bench, the first thing that comes to your mind is a public area or a garden patio. But what about using this piece of furniture as a space saving solution in a dining area or office waiting space?

2017 bench design ideas


Dining benches are simple pieces of furniture and they are not exactly a new concept, but with living spaces becoming more and more expensive and smaller, these pieces of furniture are becoming more and more popular.

Small spaces can be a real challenge for decorating, but that does not mean you cannot always create beautiful areas by using the space you have smartly and maximizing it.

These days, benches are a stylish match for traditional dining tables, breakfast nooks and even for the kitchen counters. There are a multitude of cool benches that come in magnificent styles.

These designs, not only are eye-catching items but will boost both the form and function of your dining interior.


Cecilie Manz dining furniture


If you’re going to opt in for such a furniture piece, note the existing theme and surrounding decor in the area you want to place it to make sure that you’ll find something to match and blend with your style.

But, same as every other piece of furniture, a bench can be built from any type of material that can support weight: various types of wood, metals, concrete or even carbon fibers. Upholstered or not, they solve save space and even save money sometimes.

2017 models are anywhere from simple to intricate and introduce multiple colors, designs, and sizes in order to match a wider variety of tastes and interiors.


contemporary sofa bench design

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cool benches by Arco

cool office furniture ideas

cool seating solutions

italian soft bench design

juxta upholstered bench

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leather bench with table

orange simple seat

surprisingly simple seatng furniture

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