Have a Seat: 10 Sustainable Modern Benches 1
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As global consciousness grows when it comes to the need for sustainable design, both supply and demand are increasing for furniture made from eco-friendly materials that don’t negatively impact the planet when used in manufacturing.  Today’s roundup of modern benches is comprised only of pieces made with the future in mind.  From the gorgeous, ethereal petals of the Ortensia bench sold through Eco First Art to the traffic-stopping nail bench created more, perhaps, for conversation than for comfort by designer Jay Hyo-Lee, each of the elements in today’s series is worth more than just a passing glance.  Bravo to the minds behind all of them for keeping an eye toward tomorrow.

white petal bench
Ortensia Bench from Eco First Art


mint green metal bench
Albero Bench by Joe Ricchio and Kara Larsen



rustic walnut bench
Black Walnut Bench from David Stine



FSC-certified wood bench
FSC-Certified Wood Bench by Maya Lin



maple museum bench
Maple Museum Bench from Roy Tam



nail bench
Nail Bench by Jay-Hyo Lee



eucalyptus bench
Simoa Eucalyptus Bench from Arqom



modern abstract wood bench
Spirit Song Wing-Wing Straight Back Bench



stackable eco-benches
Stackable Ecobench by Design Nobis



sustainable cork bench
Sustainable Cork Bench from Marina68



Ortensia bench found at Eco First Art.