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We all have trash, but how we hide it varies. Most people keep their garbage bins out of sight because they are ugly and add nothing to their space. While garbage is far from pretty, there are stylish bins that can hold your trash and enhance the aesthetics at the same time. The Vågspel Waste Receptacle by Materia is one great example. It keeps your trash hidden from view and discourages people from messing up your beautiful space. It is a clever solution to keeping your home neat and organized.





Sandin & Bülow designed Vågspel to show people that waste receptacles could also be gorgeous, that they could be part of the furniture pieces that adorn residential and commercial spaces with dignity and grace. Their end product was a stunning piece that stops people in their tracks. Vågspel is made from birch veneer or white lacquer surfaces that have undergone advanced molding. It comes in 3 sizes and has a removable bin holder with a brace for one or two bin liners. You can also get it with castors or a lid with 1 or 2 holes.


Vågspel Waste Receptacle


Garbage bins and waste receptacles can be eyesores in homes. They are necessities that create a less-than-welcome environment at times. If you’ve been looking for something fancy to throw your trash in, look no further than the Vågspel Waste Receptacle by Materia. It adds a lovely touch to ordinary settings and makes clean up easy. Would you get the Vågspel Waste Receptacle for your home or office?