Cyclical Thinking: The Mikili Bookshelf Bike Rack
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Brought to us by a Berlin-based design house called Mikili and artfully crafted with the active intelligentsia in mind, the Kappo bike rack does more than store a bicycle; it also stores ideas.  The wall-mounted creation is available in walnut, oak or a white finish and juts out from the wall in a three-quarter square, perfect for mounting a bike while providing a nook for stashing the day’s mail, the latest books or even practical things like keys, cell phone and wallet.  Made with minimalism and functionality in mind, the Mikili bookshelf bike rack is a one-two punch both aesthetically and pragmatically.  And for those of us who’ve resolved to get our blood pumping (in a healthy way, of course) in the new year, this high-end design is the perfect inspiration, although it’s such a work of art, we may never want to remove our bike from its beautiful clutches.  Retailing around $350, the rack’s dimensions span 30 cm wide x 34 cm deep x 43 cm high.  Weighing 7 kg, it takes two to three weeks to ship.  Although we’re clearly no Tour de France competitors (nor even close, by a mile), our hearts are racing just looking at it.

The Mikili Bookshelf Bike Rack

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