When you need storage in a bathroom, you need efficient design that will simplify your life, not get in the way.  The last thing you can afford in your daily habits is more clutter caused by cumbersome design. Crafted by Antonio Lupi and created by Nevio Tellatin, the Arco Countertop is designed with your needs in mind.  Living simply and living better should start at the very beginning of your day with your morning preparations and only end with your last glance in the mirror before bed.


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Sleek Bathroom Sensibility: Arco Countertop by Antonio Lupi

Arco countertop in a double basin



With the Arco countertop by Antonio Lupi, it’s easy to see how its streamlined design is meant to enhance your lifestyle rather than hinder it.  You’ll immediately appreciate the extra space and open styling without the extra bulk in your bathroom.  Simple and easy: the two descriptions of the Arco Top will be reflected in your daily routine once the sink and counter are a part of your bathroom.


bathroom countertop

white countertop design


The Arco Top comes complete with integrated sink basins fashioned from a solid slab of molded Corian.  The generous counter space in crisp, clean white adds a dimension of spaciousness that improves any bathroom no matter the size.  The hardware, drain, and plug are as natural and unobtrusive as the integrated sink basin, so the focus rests on the sleek lines and minimalistic approach.  Your mornings will be a little quicker, your evenings a little less complicated, and your days more fluid thanks to Tellatin’s functional design in a fundamental part of your everyday life.


Can you imagine making your day more efficient than with the Arco countertop?