Contemporary gazebo design ideas
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The simple things in life bring us the greatest joy: spending time with family and friends, sitting outside and taking in the beauty of nature, or taking a nap on a sunny summer afternoon. If you derive a lot of pleasure from relaxing outdoors, get the Oasis Gazebo by Roda. It has a functional mechanism which allows it to create an intimate, protected environment which can house chairs, tables, and comfy furniture pieces. You can create a lovely entertaining spot outdoors and dine in luxury.


The Oasis Gazebo by Roda

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Oasis will make your relaxation dreams come true. It is made from solid teak and has thin partitions which can be used to reduce space through a sequence of reversals. The partitions and blinds create a lovely enclosure where users feel enveloped but free enough to enjoy the nearby environment. The blinds look like theatre wings and can be raised and lowered separately thanks to the gazebo’s manual system. They are made from neutral-colored technical fabric.


Oasis Gazebo by Roda


Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, the Oasis Gazebo will take your breath away the first time you see it. It comes in different versions to fit any space. The latest version blends different elements to create a sheltered spot for pleasurable moments of relaxation. It has a classic teak structure and roller blinds. You can get Oasis in 3 sizes customized with extensions. The smallest size can be equipped with a raised floor which can be adorned with comfy cushions made from superior materials.

Isn’t Oasis perfect for daytime naps?