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Organize your Garage

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It’s that time of year again, where the snow and leaves are prominently displayed on your lawn, driveway, street and sidewalk. The shovels, rakes, snow blowers, leaf blowers, gardening tools and more will be needed.

That means that your garage should be in a top organized condition to be able to find the tools that you need with ease and be able to spend more time on your chores and less on finding the tools for them.  Take a look below at some of the tips to help you organize your garage for the winter.

Organize your Garage

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Take advantage of vertical space with hooks:

One great way to organize your garage that doesn’t take as much effort to create, gain access to your equipment and add more space to your garage is by the use of hooks.  Also by hanging up your items you help them to last longer.

Ladders, rakes, shovels, backpacks, helmets etc. can all hang on hooks this will provide easier access around your garage and maneuvering around the equipment in general.


garage organization and storage ideas

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Use your walls to their maximum potential

The walls are another way to best organize your garage, by adding opening shelving and cabinets to secure your equipment.  Now, try splitting which items you put up on the shelves or in the cabinet (or closet) areas.

Such as for smaller and items you will use on a consistent basis like cleaners, tools, appliances etc.  Use the closet and/ or cabinets if you have bulky equipment that needs to be accessed yet not as often as those upon the shelves.


Organize equipment and accessories by their function

Cabinets, shelving and hooks are great but some items they need more space or just another setup from the others.  Items, like tools that probably need to be stored in a tool case or box, lawn chairs, sports gear bags and ball will probably fall under this category.

This will help to create a better way of obtaining your equipment.  If you need more help, then consult with a professional designer to see which equipment will go where.


garage organization inspiration

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Organizing can make your home life way simpler for your day-to-day task or year-to-year for that matter.  And the garage can sometimes get the back seat when trying to organize our homes, but it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. Since we’re all stuck in our homes, many people have decided it’s time for some renovations. Companies that offer cleaning services or garage door repairs are in high demand now.

Just follow the tips above for ways that you can set your garage in order and see how it works out for your home.