Primary Chair by Quinze & Milan
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Searching for furniture that accommodates both adults and children? The Primary chair by Quinze & Milan is a good choice. It boasts high style and has low maintenance. Its main purpose is to make the user feel as comfortable as possible while sitting. It comes in a range of colors and makes a perfect fit for any space. While it has a simple form, it provides a lot of comfort.


Primary Chair by Quinze & Milan

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Stripped to the very core, the Primary chair by Quinze & Milan is a true classic. It is made using QM foam, a proprietary material created and produced by the company. The soft material and uncomplicated design make it a unique minimalistic piece. It is water-repellent and is highly durable. For added comfort, you can get it with a matching pouf. The award-winning pouf is popular with adults and children alike and will create more functional space in your home. The Primary chair is soft and cozy and devoid of fuss and frills. It stimulates play in children and is much loved by parents as it is made from materials certified for juvenile use.


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This chair’s sassy character has made it a worldwide hit. It is used everywhere, from modern public spaces to stylish mansions. With a high quality material, elegant curves, and numerous vibrant palettes to choose from, it might be just what you need to bring a freshened perspective to your interior space. Don’t you love the striking Primary chair for your living room?