Recline on a sofa that is as wide as a bed.  The Grace sofa from Potocco and designed by Mauro Lipparini exudes exotic comfort from every sweeping line.  The woven cane back in a natural-stained ash finish folds around to the sides to create the tuxedo-style arms.  The texture has an Eastern flair that carries the sea breeze from Bali right into your living room.  With a deep seat and two sets of loose plush back cushions, you’ll feel as if you’re reclining in a seaside spa resort.


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Natural Relaxation: The Grace Sofa from Potocco

Grace Sofa from Potocco


The cushions of the Grace Sofa by Potocco are left to you to choose the upholstery, fabric or leather, to complete your own décor.   Just like traditional design in the tropics, the couch sits high on individual legs to promote better air circulation on hot summer afternoons.  While your living room probably doesn’t require this type of design in a functional seating solution, the tropical aesthetic it brings is much more important to fostering natural and complete relaxation.  The sense of calm that is far more valuable than any trend or price tag.


Mauro Lipparini designs


As soon as you sink into the overstuffed cushions of the Grace Sofa, you’ll feel yourself drifting on sparkling blue waters towards exotic tropical destinations.  Even better, a sofa with the generous proportions of the Grace is perfect for hosting guests.  It’s impossible not to feel the stress of the day melt away in the enveloping curves of the Grace sofa, so why not abandon yourself to an exotic spa destination while reclining in the comfort of home?