Acrylic Side Tables by Kartell
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On one of the most heated election days in recent history, in an economic climate that’s interesting at best, at a time when many of us are redefining what we want for our lives, what we expect of our country and where our futures will take us, few things are absolute.  It makes sense, then, that those of us with uncertain tomorrows would like to keep things light and flexible; who knows where we’ll be living five years from now, for instance?  Although neutral furnishings are mutable in nature, few things are as adaptable as transparent glass and acrylic pieces. So today, we’ve pulled together a series of clear furniture elements, from tables and chairs to desks and lamps, with just a hint of color in the first one to ease us into total clarity.  There’s just something refreshing about a clean slate, isn’t there?  That’s exactly what these pieces represent; an open acceptance of whatever might be up ahead.

10 Pieces of Crisp, Clear Furniture


clear acrylic table


frosted glass end table


unique glass chairs


clear glass trolley


clear glass desk


clear IKEA chair


louis ghost chair


clear glass lamp


clear DNA table


Trolley found at The Water Monopoly.

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