15 Amazing Modern Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas and Designs

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Are you thinking of revamping your master bathroom or guests’ nook by adding some new designs, pizzazz and tiling to the space? From traditional and expected to beautiful designs that will wow and expand, we’ve compiled a magnificent lists of floor tile ideas that will get your wheels turning, creative juices flowing and, hopefully, help you make a decision with a direction to go in concerning your design and decor vision. Let’s have a peek, shall we at 15 amazing modern bathroom floor tile ideas and designs that were hand picked by our design team to bring sizzle to your home.

amazing bathroom tile design

Sleek and clean, these charcoal pieces create a masculine and edgy foundation to this contemporary space. Although at first glance it seems these tiles comes in all sorts of ragged sizes and shapes, that’s just the beauty of the design. It creates an interesting style without straying away from the modern vision.

Black and white, dainty and playful … this concept sure has a mind and style all its own. The classic color duo always works, no matter what the theme or vision may be. But when paired with this modernly styled and femininely touched space, it works in even more of a timeless and elegant way, don’t you think?

This color is gorgeous! Covering the shower walls and the floor too, we are in love with the way it sets the tone for a relaxing and sleek experience. It fits in with a more traditional and neutral layout and style while still adding its own brand of design-worth and funk.

bathroom with stone wall and floor tile

Are those hardwood floors we are looking at? Indeed, you can find tile that resembles the chic and elegant lines of a hardwood floor but that work within the confines if a wet space. The textures used throughout this entire room make it incredibly unique and fashion-forward, while the tiling only adds to the charm.

black bathroom floor tile idea

If you have a bigger space to play with, why not, at least, play around with the idea of going with an all-black scheme. Even if you use varying shades you can create a very bold and rugged appeal. Take a good look at this black tiling, with its distressed style and precise placement, it’s truly the best of both worlds.

contemporary bathroom floor tiles

Small and specific, these charcoal pieces create a solid foundation to a mid-century modern design. Mixing old-age spirit with the beauty of the present this one represents a everything that’s trending around us in interior design today. This is a great option when you want to play is slick but safe as well.

contemporary floor tiles ideas

A bit of zen mixed in with a whole bunch of futuristic vision, this flooring truly sets the tone. Big and smooth tile pieces, with a smidgen of artistic presence thrown in with the elegant cream, patterned counterpart, the focus of this room is the foundation in and of itself.

filmstrip bathroom floor tile design

Is it just us or does that tiling look a bit like a filmstrip? Of course, we love that it does as it gives a more personal and memorable touch to the one place in the house that often gets overlooked in the style department. Again, all-black spaces work well if you’ve got the space and vision to create it.

bathroom floor tile design using different size tile

Here’s another beautiful example of traditional style with a smooth vision. Again, we love tile that is reminiscent of a luxurious hardwood floor. It’s set within a homey feel but still elegant and chic enough to sit inside a house with contemporary appeals.

A personal favorite from the bunch, these marble hexagon pieces sure to set the scene for a delicate, dainty and a bit luxurious feel. Relax and unload in a crisp, white room full of light, brightness and a bit of a Victorian-cottage essence atop this cool and charming flooring.

If you’re going for something more minimalistic with a zen-flavor, take a good look at this tile idea. Made with a camel texture and simple, easy design, it’s the perfect choice for when you want some refreshing for your body and mind, without too much to overwhelm the senses.

modern bathroom floor tiles with bathtub

And again, we’ve got another great example of a chic flooring that can begin the transformation of a traditional bathroom into something  much more modern and design-friendly.

At first glance, we have to comment on the beauty and choice the designer made for this project. It creates a much more textural and interesting overall design full of life and playfulness. But, take a good look at the larger pieces on the floor, filled with several melting shades, they give depth and tone to the floor that smaller ideas couldn’t handle.

We’re showing off another more traditional and Asian-inspired idea with this decor scheme. These variegated, brown tiles set the scene for the entire space, including the floor, by giving a simple flow and foundation to the room’s natural lighting and refreshing vibe.

Out of all the hardwood-styled tiles that we’ve featured today, this one has the be, in our opinion, the most beautiful. It’s got a lighter tone with a more feminine appeal, and it blends in well with the rest of the homey, yet posh choices made throughout the entire enironment.

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