Slate Flooring Designs

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There are so many slate flooring colors and designs to choose from if you go shopping at a tile place or home improvement store. It’s surprising as I usually think of blue when I think about this stone, but in truth there are many more shades to choose from. We found ten examples to share with you today. By looking at these pictures, we hope that you get ideas about what could work in your home.

Small Kitchen Design with Slate Flooring

This kitchen is a masterpiece!  The colors range from beige to almost a black.  It’s wonderful how they all work together.  An interesting fact here is how the wall also incorporates the same material though in smaller size bricks.

Living Room with Chaise Lounge and Window

This is a good neutral tone that will work with many types of furnishings and different themes from traditional to modern.   It reminds me a bit of terrazzo as the inner workings of the stone really show in this lighter tone.

Irregular Slate Floor Pattern in Home

What a great pattern using smaller and larger pieces.  There are squares and rectangles which create great symmetry while the right angles tie the overall look together.  This is a good picture to look closely at the grouting.  You can see how if you choose darker it will blend in more whereas going lighter, makes the lines stand out.

Square Stone Tiles in Assorted Colors

It is had to go wrong with squares.  The colors are so different that it makes the flooring unique and striking creating a great visual appeal.

Large Traditional Kitchen With Center Island

In the above image what strikes me is how well the cabinets go with the color of the stone.  One might think this combination can be too dark, but with proper kitchen lighting it’s beautiful.

Living Room Design with Staircase and Planter

In this living room design we get a chance to see the furniture and the dining table all from this angle.  Notice too the nice area rug and how it goes well with the walls as well.  One trend is going towards larger squares or rectangles.  I see that more and more frequently in homes.

Overhead View of Large Wash Basin

Dark Slate Flooring with Antique Brick Wall

Combination Den and Dining Space in Home

Long Table with Six Chairs Stone Floor