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Within our homes, we enjoy changing up the styles and designs to the accessories, walls, flooring and even fixtures.  But sometimes we can forget about the top half of the interiors; the ceilings.  There are simple ways to ad creativity to your boring ceiling. Your ceiling is just as spread-out or spacious as the flooring within your home.  So… do something with it! Make it as visually appealing and eye catching as any other area within your interiors.  With different textures, patterns, colors and molding you can force your guests to look up rather than looking at just your walls.  Considered the 5th wall, your ceiling has the ability to make your home gorgeous. Here are a few ways to add creativity to your boring ceiling.

 Avoid a Boring Ceiling

Make your ceiling sustainable:

Let your ceiling be the focal point within your room.  One truly amazing way to make your ceiling pop that has been used in years past is taking recycled materials and using them as the ceiling.  Materials such as oxidized metal panels, pallet wood from warehouse or even railroad ties have been constructed in most modern homes today.  Go to local lumber yards or salvage yards for materials that have been reclaimed from older buildings that can be reused for your ceiling.

Add volume to the ceiling:

Another eye-popping trick is adding depth to your ceiling is by making it bigger.  Instantly the room will feel larger and more spacious.  Try adding drywall, trim pieces, or small wood molding to help build out a coffered ceiling.  You also want the way you decorate the finished outcome to harmonize with the contrasting paints, recessed lighting and trim pieces.  If you intend on doing it yourself then consider how much lumber you need before doing any cutting or installations.

Add color with a variety of finishes to your ceiling:

You can never go wrong with a little paint to the mix.  Paint the ceilings the same color as the walls or neutral tones if you want to bring out the molding that has already been installed there such as light grays, beige, or ivory.  Now, if you have smooth ceilings then stencils, decoupage, or decals work very well on them.  These can be wonderful accents to your ceiling and make it truly stand out.

Sometimes with all of the designing that we do with other things within our homes the ceiling can be the forgotten child in the bunch.  Even though only a few of the plethora of creative ideas that you can use for your ceiling are named above go out and explore more ideas that will work for you.  They will do so much for your ceiling and add so much to your home.