9 Range Hoods Ideas for Decorative Kitchen Ventilation

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Range hoods are imperative for proper kitchen ventilation and making sure that the air in your home remains clean. Smoke or odors from cooking can permeate a home creating a dangerous situation or one that smells unpleasant. In this article we present 9 range hoods ideas that present possibilities about kitchen ventilation. The good news is that range hoods can be a bonus and not a liability in kitchen designing. Yes, there are several models on the market that are plain or unattractive which do not add to the relative beauty of the room. Then there are range hoods that are “decorative friendly” that add to the overall look of the kitchen and often add a design element to the ceiling which is often overlooked for its possibilities. These nine examples come from BMD Modern Hoods who was kind enough to share this information. I am a big fan of stainless steel models and that is the primary construction element in these pieces. The nine range hoods provide some good ideas to shapes and possibilities for designing a cool kitchen.

kitchen hood
What a great shape here featuring a rectangle with metal trim.  This piece would go so great in a modern kitchen or one where there is a serious cook in the family.
Range Hood
Stainless Hood
Island Hoods
Stove Vent
Vent Hoods

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