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Ambience is key when it comes to setting the tone for the perfect get-together, and today’s roundup of cool bar furniture features nothing short of quirky excellence.  Fabio Vinetta brings us a collection of barstools inspired by Picciotto plaid hats, while Tonin Casa and Ibebi Design both bring us adjustable bar furniture to suit our precise needs — in fact, at its greatest height, the adjustable Ippo bar from Ibebi is perfect for standing around, while a quick slide down to a slightly lower level accommodates a set of Tonin Casa’s Oslo adjustable bar stools, for example, just perfectly.  Any way you slice it, this roundup of stools, tables and storage solutions encourages the gathering of good friends for strong drinks and plenty of toasts to the new year ahead.  Cheers!


modern adjustable swivel barstool
The Oslo Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool by Tonin Casa



plaid barstools
Piccioto Bar Furniture by Fabio Vinetta



adjustable modern bar table
The Adjustable Ippo Bar Table from Ibebi Design



acrylic bubble bar stools
Mambo Bar Stools by Archirivolto Design for Delight



mobile wine bar and fridge
Mobile Wine Bar & Refrigerator by Kefren


Adjustable Ippo Bar Table found at Ibebi Design.