6 Shoe Organizer Closet Storage Solutions Under $50

It took me awhile to put together my latest article, “6 Shoe Organizer Closet Storage Solutions Under $50”. Perhaps, the hardest thing was finding products worthy of writing about. When it comes to organizing your closet and finding the right way to store shoes, there are many products to choose from. I found that several of the products do not do a good job of maximizing the space in the closet. In general, storage needs to be vertical to as opposed to horizontal. Further, there were several products that were small shoe racks that stored less than ten pair of shoes. Though they looked nice, they did not store enough shoes based on the space that was required.
6 Shoe Organizer Closet Storage Solutions Under $50

Price: $30. The shoe cubby can be configured how you please and also added onto should you need more storage slots.
Cheap Shoe Storage
Price: $16.  This is an affordable under the bed storage idea. By moving the shoes you don’t use every day under the bed, it will free up space in the closet for your favorites. These provide solid storage when seasons change and you need to change out colors.
door shoe rack
Price: $10. It is hard to beat any storage idea for $10 since it is so affordable. This is another over the door solution that can be used literally anywhere with no hassel.
Shoe Closet Storage
Price: $40.  The Lynx Rack holds 36 pairs of shoes. Over the door storage does a great job of making the most of your closet space. You do have to close the door gently!
Shoe Organizer
Price: $38. This rack holds up to 50 pairs of shoes maximizing storage.
Shoe Storage Cabinet
Price: $48.  A more standard type of cabinet for storing shoes. The cabinet also comes in maple or white.