A small space secretary desk can be the right solution for many rooms. I enjoy having a desk to write out bills, work on a computer, and draft letters. However, finding an ideal space in the home can be a challenge with a desk. Further, a desk often does not blend in well with the remainder of the surroundings. For those people will lofts, flats, or small apartments, it’s a double whammy. I have never been a big fan of having a desk in the main room of these living spaces. It usually does not flow well. At least today laptops have taken care of issues such as large computer towers and cables while trying to maintain an attractive overall room appearance. The desk featured here is a small model measuring 40″w x 20″d x 59″h. With being only 20 inches deep and its ability to fit along a wall, the desk can fit in many room settings. I like the fold up shelf which can cover up stacks of paper and other items that you may not want visible at all times. The secretary desk is made of wood stained in a combination of chocolate and white. Available at: West Elm. Price: $799.

small space secretary desk

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