Starlight Candle Holders from Kahler Design

Designer Inger Mehlum’s favorite medium is porcelain, and it’s evident in her careful execution of the perfect porcelain star in her Sirio series of candleholders for Kahler Design.  The seven-pointed stars are slightly transparent, a natural trait of the material itself that fascinates Mehlum in its ability to contain and disperse light in majestically equal measure. Shining from the inside out, a grouping of several pieces from the Sirio line create the perfect centerpiece or coffee table illumination. Large stars are 155 mm wide by 60 mm high and cost DKK 149,00, while their smaller 140 mm by 50 mm counterparts are DKK 129,000.  Group a few of each size together for a veritable constellation of candlelight.

star shaped candle holders

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