Boulders Planter by Hive
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Looking for a new home for your plants? Get Boulders Planter by Hive. It is designed by Jinggoy Buensuceso and comprises a juxtaposition of modern shapes with antique detailing. It has a fabulous polygonal shape which recalls modern sculptures and a rustic look created by the natural oxidation of metal. Boulders’ durable material makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments. It is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions when placed outdoors. It looks at home in the garden, patio, or deck. The planter comes in various sizes in a neutral rusty shade. It will make a lovely home for your potted plants and add to the beauty of your space.


Boulders Planter by Hive
Looks stunning with or without plants
contemporary planters design ideas
Suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments


Planters have a wide range of functions. Besides delighting the senses, they can be used to improve aesthetics and to cover up flaws. If you want a planter that does all this and so much more, get Boulders Planter. It looks more like a sculpture than a planter. Its geometric lines draw eyes downwards adding excitement to any space whether private or public. Boulders’ strength is in its size. It can be placed on an office desk, a side table, or even a kitchen countertop.


rustic modern planters designs
The natural oxidation of metal creates a rustic exterior


If you’ve been using wine casks as planters, it’s time to change that. Wine casks are not just outdated; they offer nothing in terms of beauty. Modern planters, on the other hand, are very elegant. They enhance spaces just by being.  They not only look good with plants, they steal the show when placed strategically.

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