10 Stunning Chandeliers

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Traditional chandeliers are still as stunning as they ever were and will probably never fully go out of style.  It’s true, though, that even the most beautiful relics can look a bit out of place in an ultramodern space, yet ornate lighting is still in order.  Today the lighting industry has called on the designs of some of the most talented designers who have a wide variety of materials at their disposal to choose from and we have seen some outstanding results.  It is true that having the right lighting and fixtures can really set the interior of any room in the right direction and help set the perfect mood as well. Today’s roundup of ten stunning modern chandeliers addresses that need with eye-popping glass sculptures that defy logic and slap subtlety upside the face with their bold visual statement.  From the wildly alive bespoke corale d’oro that kicks off today’s series to the hand blown colored globes that close it out, there’s not one dim bulb or shrinking violet in the whole collection.  Let there be light… a lot of it.

blown glass chandelier
Corale d’oro



ornate modern chandelier
Admiral Schorevole Plum



modern chandeliers
Corale Bianco



crystal ball chandelier
Crystal Ball from New York Collection



updated chandelier
Large Elise



red chandelier
Modern Red by Vladimir Usoltsev



edison chandelier
Pack 9 from Niche Modern



sea creature chandelier
Scaglietti Mono



glass ball chandelier
Edison Bare Ball by Pottery Barn



handblown glass chandelier
Hand Blown Glass from J Good Design
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