La Cucina Alessi Kitchen by Alessandro Mendini and Gabriele Centazzo

Go on gastronomical adventures and seek inspiration from your kitchen island itself. La Cucina Alessi by Alessandro Mendini and Gabriele Centazzo embraces it curves and is a great relief from the usually emaciated linear kitchen islands. Eschewing traditional dimensions, the sculpturesque presence of La Cucina Alessi may just push its user to start a passionate love affair with food and even master the art of cooking.
Says the designers:
“The poetry and aesthetics of the curved line… an enveloping, sinuous, wavy and dynamic meaning. A feeling of total protection: physical, because by rounding off edges, accidents are avoided; and psychological, letting you use this culinary tool in a relaxed and happy way for perfect cooking results.”

La Cucina Alessi Kitchen
La Cucina Alessi Kitchen 1