There is no denying the fact that technology dominates our world and imagining our existence without it is next to impossible. Thanks to this trend, its cool to be a little nerdy and one can flaunt their geekiness without being socially ostracized. So listed below are some of the most coolest geeky (an oxymoron itself) furniture out there.


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The PS3 Coffee Table
Play Station fans can show off their allegiance in style with this sleek and contemporary coffee table that features handmade PS3 controllers as base.


GamurPad Futon Set
Unfortunately the GamurPad Futon Set is just a concept but I am sure Nintendo fans will grab it if it ever hits mass production.

Keyboard Key Chairs
Regular chairs are so passe and these Keyboard Key Chairs will reiterate your geeky status in the world.


The Periodic Coffee Table
This one features all the 92 natural elements as well as the man made elements in clear acrylic.


Tetris Pots: Plant & Play
Tetris seems to be very popular in the design continuum and we have seen a lot of Tetris inspired furniture in the past. I simply love the Tetris Pots since they are delightfully geeky yet cool.


The 58-inch iPhone Table
The iPhone continues on its spree of world domination and is now making a presence in the furniture world as well. The 58-inch touch-sensitive table can be hooked up to your iPhone so that you can enjoy multimedia content on the surface of the table.


The Circuit Board Table
Made out of two tables, this piece of high-tech furniture features components from an old Intergraph 6000 computer and 2800 baud modems.

The Fusion Table by Sony
The futuristic table comes equipped with a computer and a cool LED display.

The Keyboard Armchair
Keyboards looks to be a favorite among designers but hey no complaints from us. The  Keyboard Armchair by Dante Bonuccelli and Lammm is made of computer keys.

The Wolfgang Keyboard Bench
Designed by Nolan Herbut, the baltic birch wood bench  has 2000 keys encrusted on it.