12 Examples Of Lighting Used Creatively

We have covered cool lamps before on Furniture Fashion but this time we decided to make things even more interesting. The design continuum is flooded with cool and beautiful lamp fixtures but there are some creations that simply stand out. Listed below are examples of imaginative and exquisite use of lighting that transcends all design boundaries.

Versatile Cubic Light by Edward Battistini


Stunning LED Moon Light by Nosigner


Shadow Makeup Mirror Lamp by Ruggiu


Reading Light For Adults with Dyslexia


Patio Heater Lamps by Kindle Living


LED Interlux Plexiglas Chair by Manfred Kielnhofer


Global Chandelier by Benoit Vieubled


Eco-friendly GIRA Lamp With 300,000 Hours Of Light


Flower Pot Lighting by Torremato


Romantic White Lamp With Etched Butterflies


Reclaimed Computer Fan E-Fan Chandelier by DeridderDesignstudio


Hyphae Lamp by Nervous System for Sleeping