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The Tulip Pool bed is a piece of furniture proposed by the Italian, Treviso based company, Bolzan Letti to furnish an important area of your home: the garden or the pool area.
A simple and linear metallic frame resting on a thin tubular structure that interweaves characterizes the Tulip bed and makes it unique without being excessive. Specially intended only for the outdoors, the Tulip Pool bed, designed by Paola Navone. is made of a galvanized and lacquered iron frame and comes with a hydrophobic mattress.designer patio furnitureSimilar to the Tulip interior collection, the detail that gives character to the Tulip Pool is the headboard, customizable with various fabrics, fantasies and colors depending on your taste.
To cater to everyone’s personal needs and aesthetic preferences the possibilities are not as wide as in the case of the interior versions but still not very limited. A wide collection of outdoor fabrics by Dominique Kieffer, it is available for the cover of the padded panel applied to the headboard and the mattress of this full sized outdoor bed. Having removable fabrics, it means that if desired or if you getting bored of the current fabric design, you can later change it with a different model, having a new design every season, or even every weekend if you desire.

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Tulip is a piece specially intended for relaxation, and can fit perfectly into your exterior decor because it can be customized according to your personal needs. Being available in two widths, 160×200 or 180×200 cm the bed is both intended for small or larger areas… and people.

Bolzan Letti was founded in the 90’s by the Bolzan family and it evolved so quickly that by the year 2000 the company had already developed into an industrial enterprise, integrating the craftsmanship know-how with a modern mechanization, becoming a renowned brand across Italy. It was only after Piercarlo and Elisabetta Bolzan took over and made their surname into a nationally and internationally acknowledged brand after the 2000’s.

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