Wolfgang Puck Mini Buffet Server With Chaffing Dishes

Next time you have a party at home, make sure you serve hot piping food to your guests. No you do not require any professional help and can achieve the same with the Wolfgang Puck Mini Buffet Server. This stylish and professional looking server features three 1.5-quart removable chafing dishes, so that your appetizers, side dishes get served like a pro. The buffet server boasts of a durable construction and also comes with a one year warranty. With the on board temperature setting, one gets access to a multitude of cooking options and the stainless steel warming tray keeps food at optimal temperatures. Measuring 14 3/4″W x 8 1/4″L and available on the Kohls website for $119.99, the Wolfgang Puck Mini Buffet Server is a must have for all the domestic goddess out there.

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