5 Creative Ways to Create a Wall Art Gallery in a Home

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A wall art gallery in a home can be a way to show off your artsy side.  Or, if you aren’t the artistic type yourself, you can still show off your appreciation for artwork.  Now more than ever, there are so many sites you can go on to find local artists selling their beautiful creations.  No longer do you have to pay hundreds of dollars for a nice piece of art.  You can even buy prints and frames of your choice and choose a theme that interests you like travel or photography. Or you can go with more abstract or modern pieces and really show off your fun side.  There are many ways to style a wall art gallery and the great thing about these decorative ideas is that it can work in any room imaginable.  Here are 5 examples we thought offered a diverse look at the possibilities that await you.

Clean and Orderly

Some of the best styling comes from simple and organized work.  Choosing a row of similar shaped frames can parallel order in other areas of your room, like the line of wine glasses.  The designs in the frames are kept fun and modern. I think here the less is more concept applies and it is very pleasing and easy to look at. We also like the uniform look of the frame because it put focus on the images.

framed wall art

Go Gold

You can use a wall art to give inspiration to a home office space and give yourself something pleasing to look at in the times you are not looking at the computer.  Going with gold frames and coloring is a beautiful touch that ties in the other elements of the room such as the gold lamp.  It’s always a great choice to add a little shimmer to a room.

pictures with gold frames

Use More than One Shape and Texture

You can use more than just a square frame and add some circular plates to the mix. Who says artwork has to be a print in a frame?  It can be anything like the popsicle stick textured design to the right or the small unframed mustache that ads a cool turn of the century feel.  Don’t be afraid to mix it up and combine several styles from different periods in time.

cobalt blue accent wall with art

Mixing Patterns

Not only can you mix shapes and textures, but also try mixing patterns, colors and images with words .  A few key words can emphasize a look or feeling you are trying to convey and pay homage to some special events or places near and dear to your heart.

artwork gallery on wall

Foster a Creative Mind

An art compilation can also be a great idea for a kids room.  Why not inspire your children to create by displaying beautiful artwork all around them?  Try adding some of your children’s pictures to the mix to inspire creativity and show them how great their own work can look mixed among the professionals works.

artwork with pastel colors

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