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Cubit modular shelving system can be described in four words: simple, functional, easy and cheap. The boxes are available in 25 sizes and 8 depths, so you can configure the completely modular individual units any way you see fit. You will be able to create shelves that store DVD’s, records, books, keepsakes, various objects and more.

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The Cubit modular shelving system it’s so easy to use and it has a world of countless possibilities. Many different sizes, modularity and ultimately the ability to turn rectangular modules make the shelving system the perfect solution for any challenging spaces.

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The intelligent fixing system called by the designers “Easy Connect”, allows mounting without the use of tools, using the patented connector for stacking wood or the steel brackets to hang. Customizing and creating tailored configurations can be done at the drop of a hat! Every module is delivered pre-assembled, so no extra work is needed. All modules can be combined to form a shelf with the connector system. Whether you want lean, mean linear shelving or a quirky configuration to house your vintage collectibles, you can obtain that in no time. A high quality German concept, ideal for awkward areas or for making a bold arrangement over an entire wall.

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The company behind Cubit collection is Mymito GmbH and showed up on the European market in 2006 as a dream of two people – Minou Farkhondeh, an interior designer and Thomas Reichel, a businessman. The interesting fact about the company is that you’ll find no distributors of their products. All their collections under the Cubit brand are exclusively sold online on their own website.

Cubit modular shelving system
Starting at only 22 Euros, Cubit boxes can match any budget and can be configured to whatever design you want. You can start with one and build your collection or you can start with one hundred and design your own storage area. Cubit offers you thousands of combination possibilities – as bookshelf, sideboard, corner shelves, shop fitting systems, TV units or even a desk…there is no limit to your creativity!

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