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Maybe it’s the fact that South by Southwest, the music industry’s premier annual festival dedicated to finding undiscovered musical acts, is taking Austin, Texas by storm this week, but for some reason, we’ve been somewhat sonically obsessed over the past few days.  Looking at the wide range of headphones, audio gear and creative speakers on the market, we pulled one of our favorites — visually speaking, anyway — from the bunch to highlight in today’s post.  It’s been said that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, but frankly, a pair of birds as cute and functional as these are worth a pretty penny, as far as we’re concerned. These Gavio-Prive bird speakers, called “Wrenz,” stand head and shoulders above most other quirky, themed audio accessories in that they’re not only aviary-inspired, but they also come in a broad variety of colors, blending seamlessly into their surrounding decor.  Sold in mirrored silver, black, white, teal, blue, yellow, red and green, there’s something for everyone… in terms of optic appeal, anyway… in the Wrenz collection.  Just connect these little birdies to your favorite music source via USB cable and let the music soar.


Bird Speakers from Gavio-Prive


quirky bird speakers


wrenz speakers


wren speakers


Photo credits: Wrenz by Gavio-Prive

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