15 Cool And Quirky Kitchen Accessories and Appliances

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Make the kitchen a more interesting place and indulge in some epic epicurean adventures with your loved ones. A good way to achieve this lofty goal is to buy innovative and quirky kitchen accessories that range from appliances to ice trays to even knick knacks like salt and pepper shakers. Listed below are some of the coolest kitchen accessories out there and each will spice up your kitchen in its own unique style.

The Toast Printer


The Transparent Toaster


I do like the ability to see what is being cooked as in the model above.  This way you can see the exact color and stop it before it gets too dark.

The Pop Art Toaster

Now these made me laugh so hard.  What a great idea having messages.  Let’s face it, all of us can use some humor in the morning to get our day started.  I wonder if there is a Scrabble version where you can make your own words.

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The Keyboard Waffle Maker


The Joy Scale With iPod Dock

Phones are such an important part of our lives so having  place to store and charge it will working in the kitchen is a smart idea.

The  Cravendale Magic Milk Jug


Tea Diver by Jung-Joo Kwon and Sung-Mun Yoon


The Sharky Tea Infuser by Pablo Matteoda


How fun would this be for a nautical themed home or a person that is a fan of shark week?   A small gift like this that is well thought out can be hard to find, so I really like this.

The Lego Salt And Pepper


Gun Shaped Frying Pans

With the move towards gun control these pans have lost some of their luster.

The Darth Vader Bread Imprinting Toaster


The Cool ON-OFF Mug


The Bugatti Vera Kettle


The Space Invader Cutting Board




Battery-sized Salt & Pepper Cells by Antrepo Design Industry

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