Zero Gravity meets the Human Touch Massage Chair

Zero Gravity meets the Human Touch Massage Chair

Human Touch Massage Chair

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What if you could combine the outstanding benefits of the Human Touch Massage Chair and the Zero Gravity Chair in one great looking combination? Say no more. Your dream chair awaits, and it is the new Human Touch HT 7450.

This massage chair may be the best thing since peanut butter met jelly, but the health benefits of the chair will be much more beneficial, I can assure you. The zero gravity concept, which gets your feet above your heart, is great for enhanced blood flow and a totally relaxed feel.

As for the Human Touch Massage chair, they are not kidding; it is the best thing next to a professional masseuse. I really like the fact the chair looks so well tailored and detailed. Often massage chairs are something you want to hide in a spare bedroom.

Do your self a favor and try this one out.



Giving a Full Body Massage

So you are not a massage therapist, but you want to give a full body massage? Well, note in the first place that giving a full body massage is not a simple task. Although it appears to be simple, it’s not an easy pie.

In fact, for you to deliver a successful massage therapy, you need a knowledge of massage techniques, and the principles behind it. However, hope remains for the amateurs. They can treat their friends or themselves with a good massage if we arm them with the basics.

Speaking of the basics, we apply massage therapy in different ways, with different techniques. These techniques, however, are aimed at helping people to attain better health and well-being.

So if you’ve come to the point of giving a full body massage to a friend, for instance, it’s best to know first the techniques that you can offer. There are Western and oriental forms, such as shiatsu, Thai massage, reiki, deep tissue, Swedish, acupressure, and a lot more. Note that giving a full body massage requires knowledge of the basic techniques of this healing practice.

Giving a full body massage also requires knowledge of setting the mood properly to relax and make your client comfortable. So before you begin with the massage, prepare for a comfortable massage area.

Look at the support surface of your client and yourself. Then consider the atmosphere. If you want your client to relax completely while giving a fully body massage, then you need to remove things that might irritate.

For an enhance atmosphere, you can consider lighting aromatherapy candles and don’t forget the music. Play some mellow music and enjoy the rhythm and the beat with your client.

When giving a full body massage, it’s also best to consider your supplies prior to the actual procedure. Make sure that you have the right equipments, such as a pair of hand towels and lubricants like massage oil or lotion.

They apply this lubricant when giving a full body massage as it aids for a smooth glide. However, there is one thing to note when giving a full body massage using a lubricant, never to apply an enormous amount of oil to the skin as this will cause the hand to slide, making your client uncomfortable with your strokes. Enough amount of oil is okay.

Perform your best proper strokes. As I’ve said earlier, it is important to know the proper strokes or techniques when giving a full body massage. Well, I am sure that you won’t like to be slapped, so when giving a full body massage make sure that your client is comfortable with you and with what you are doing. Another thing to note here is that make sure you know what you are doing.

Finally, to make your giving a full body massage experience ultimate, don’t break the bond that you and your client have created. Focus with what you are doing and just break the spell of one of you have spoken or said enough.

A Selection of Massage Chairs

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