Do you want to brighten up your office with furniture that has a presence? If you answered yes, get the Float High Large chair from Offecct. Design trio Claesson Koivisto Rune came up with this unique design as a solution to busy commercial environments. Float High Large seating is comprised of a chair and sofa and you can sit alone or in a group depending on your preference. The sofa and chair resemble the Float Sofa and Float Sofa High but have higher edges offering you a comfortable seating experience.


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The Float High Large Chair from Offecct

sophisticated privacy chair


The Float High Large Chair has a fabric upholstery and comes in a variety of vibrant colors: purple, red, orange, blue, and green. They will brighten up any office setting thanks to their vibrant colors and high level of comfort. The Float High Large chair from Offecct provides you with much needed privacy in breakout areas and open plan offices making you feel like you’re in a totally separate room. You can conceal your computer screen, have a quiet conversation on your cell phone, and listen to meetings without having to lean forward uncomfortably. The chair’s seat and back are made in cold foam with flameproof fiber.


modern private chairs

tall green armchair


If comfort and adaptability are essential elements of your working environment, get the Float High Large Chair. What’s more, you’ll be contributing to a better environment as Offecct is committed to producing sustainable furniture. Turn your dull office into a dream office today with this chair from Offecct. You’ll not only enjoy your working environment, you’ll also become more productive.


Don’t you simply love this private and sophisticated Float High Large Chair?