The Multi-Colored Cosmos Wall Cubes Modern Shelving Solution

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The Cosmos Wall Cubes highlight the convergence of creativity with practicality flawlessly since the rounded corner wall cube shelves add a touch of modern aesthetics to a home without sacrificing its utilitarian value. The multi-colored cubes can be customized according to ones requirements and tastes as they can be grouped together and be hung on a  wall, stand on a table, put on the floor or just be used for storage.  Available in multi-colored cubes, each set contains 6 cubes with only 5 cube pieces and all the cubes have been constructed from medium-density fiberboard. Selling for $160.00, the affordable modern storage unit can be purchased online from the Smart Furniture website.
14″h x 28″w x 8″d
12″h x 12″w x 8″ d x2
10″h x 10″w x 8″d x 2


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