3 Linen Closet Organization Ideas to Clean and Make Space

Spring is finally here and there is nothing better than pulling out fresh linen for your beds and putting away the heavy down comforters and blankets. If you’ve recently opened your linen closet and realized that it doesn’t only need cleaning, but organizing, you’re not alone! For most of us the linen closet is one of those forgotten spaces in our home but these ideas will help. From removing the contents and cleaning thoroughly to replacing seasonal items with clearly organized spring linen, follow these 3 linen closet organization ideas.  Our hope is that you can perform a deep clean and make space and the same time.  Often we don’t see how bad things are as linens are in transition between laundry baskets and the linen closet.

3 Linen Closet Organization Ideas to Clean and Make Space

Image via: John Senhauser Architects

Dust away winter dirt and welcome in spring-cleaned shelves:

Before you get started cleaning consider de-cluterring and assessing what is old and get tossed away, given away or repurposed into cleaning rags! During the winter months dust and dirt can build up on closet shelving and wire racks. Remove bedding, linen, towels, cleaners and other closet contents and wipe clean with your favorite household cleaner. If you live in a humid climate, consider hanging a bundle of writing chalk in your closet to remove excess moisture and to keep your linens smelling fresher, longer. If you have an older closet with unfinished wooden shelves consider lining with paper or painting them so your linens don’t become discolored over time. Once you have cleaned, it’s time to get organized.

spring clean organized closet

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Organize your closets for your lifestyle:

While there are countless ways to organize your linen closet, consider your family lifestyle when choosing what items should be housed in certain areas. Consider using high shelves for items that aren’t used often and for bulky comforters, bedspreads and spare pillows. If you have young children you may consider housing their bed linen and bath towels on a convenient go-to shelf. While lined baskets are great for smaller items like cleaning rags, and spare toiletries such as soaps and bath salts for the guest bathrooms. Consider labeling your shelves, baskets, and bins to save you time when searching for linen and supplies. The better organized your closet is, the more time you can spend on enjoying your spring cleaned home!

organizing linen closet for spring

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Getting your linen closet spring cleaned and organized doesn’t have to be a major chore that you dread facing. Consider housing out of season linen in separate closets or even in under-bed storage bins to make way for plenty of space in your linen closet. Start this spring off right with a linen closet that begs for your home to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.